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photo: Ingrid Melvær Paulin

The main focus is to make handmade and individual pieces of art with old and traditional goldsmith techniques. By building each piece, no two are alike and each piece has its own ambience.


My handmade pieces are not designed by, produced by, assembled by or done in association with anyone else. They are made by hand from bolt, thread, plate or clippings at my workbench. They are built from scratch.


I also do sand-casting and wax carve designs for collections that are casted with “lost wax casting”. The first sentence in the description of all my pieces, specifically state the production method of the piece.


Precious metals are incredible electrical and thermal conductors. I believe these fascinating elements don’t filter out thoughts and feelings, but store them. Kind of an atomic container of all life they have encountered. A bearer of elements will therefore harvest and give life to its long and ever remelting cycle of life.



I am proud to have been educated in this old handcraft, and I imprint my pieces with a tooled history, feelings and life with the help of sound and creativity. All is done as environmentally friendly as possible.

My goal is to keep the benefits and pleasures of completely handmade objects alive. The main objective being to dig deep in the design-labyrinth of the mind, offering visual pleasure.

You will find symbols, numbers and equations in my jewelry as I consider them a part of life, death and our species heritage and mystery.


I was educated at the Plus-School in old town Fredrikstad in Norway from 1994 to 1997.My craft certificate as a gold-worker was approved 20.06.1997.


My main working-areas include gold, silver, copper and brass-working. Chasing and repoussé


Sjur Hassel

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